Senior Portfolios

Okay, we admit it, we are old school. We reject the trend of taking our seniors to the same location, using the same photoshop filters, then up-selling product that has more landscape that subject. Yes, we reject that. If that is what you want, we are not the studio for you.
Instead, we have a different approach. We interview you, ask what you want to see if we are a good fit. Few people these days have a true studio experience, we offer that.
Ashlee had this to say about her Maritime City Photography experience...
Your work was above and beyond what I imagined
Ashlee H., Gig Harbor, WA
Your work was above and beyond what I imagined. Not only was I pleased but I got a great reaction from my friends and family as well. I am more than happy with the results of my shoot and I would highly recommend you to any of my friends with photography needs.

Thanks Ashlee for those kind and supportive words! Here are some images from Ashlee's shoot (click on the thumbnails to zoom)—
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These were only 10 images from a delivered portfolio of 144 images. Ashlee and her family can post & print as many images as they want. She wanted something different for her senior portfolio and that is why she came to Maritime City Photography.